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If you want to help me to create one structure and give it a chance to travel around the world you can bid on auctions on ebay for only 1euro or buy one of my drawings.

You can also make a donation on this blog ("faire un don" on the right side) , or join my fan page in facebook (on the right side too).

About me and my work: 

I'm born in 1979 in Charleroi in Belgium like many artists as René Magritte or Johan Muyle .
I studied Art at Graphical Research School (ERG) and History of Art at Free University of Brussels (ULB).

I spoke about these 2 artists because of my personality. Even I'm an Lyric Expressionist even my reality is dada or surrealist.

Maybe you'll better understand my work with my new projects I would like to finance. Like artists of "nouveau réalisme" as Yves Klein or Christo I would like to change world. Good Energy and beautifull colors are all over the world and I would like to show you this wonderfull reality with structures I'll place in every crossing points.

My work is simple : making colorful vibrations to share a peacefull world with everyone.

This ambitious work is also yours. You can join my fan page in Facebook and take place in this group to share informations to have better energies into this world.

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frédéric a dit…

Feel free to post a comment here or to share this post in social network you see upside ;)

I'll continue to share my work with you very soon!

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